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The Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA) Service

People’s Voices provides the new IMCA service for Milton Keynes. This service is for people aged 16 and over.

The IMCA service has been created out of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 to support people, who lack capacity, with major, potentially life-changing, decisions.

If you are a decision maker in the NHS or Local Authority it will be your
duty to instruct the IMCA before making the decision (apart from emergency situations). It will also be your duty to take into account the information provided by the IMCA in your decision making process.

The IMCA will only be involved if;

- The decision is about serious medical treatment provided by the NHS

- It is proposed that the person be moved into long term care of more than 28 days in a hospital or 8 weeks in a care home

- A long term move (8 weeks or more) to different accommodation is being considered

If decision makers, in the NHS or Local Authority, deem that the IMCA would provide particular benefit then they
may instruct the IMCA for decisions relating to;

- Care reviews about accommodation or changes to accommodation

- Adult protection cases (even if the person who lacks capacity has family or friends).

The duties of the IMCA are to:

- Support the person who lacks capacity and represent their views and interests to the decision makers.

- Obtain and evaluate information (including access to relevant social care and medical records)

- As far as is possible, ascertain the person’s feelings, wishes, beliefs and values

- Ascertain alternative courses of action

- Obtain a second opinion, if necessary

- Prepare a report for the person who instructed them

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