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Direct Payments Advice and Support Service


If you receive community care services,
Direct Payments are an important way to help you continue to live in your own home – giving you money instead of services will give you greater flexibility and control in your life.  If you receive community care services, you can be offered a sum of money to purchase your own services.

The Direct Payments Support and Advice Service can provide information, answer questions and discuss all of the options, which exist to suit your individual circumstances.  We will give you the help you need,  including recruiting, training and supporting your personal assistants, and any other matters related to your Direct Payment

A Direct Payment will enable you to get the help you need, but retain the independence to employ a personal assistant to gain the most from the hours allocated.  You choose when the hours are worked and how that time is spent, whether this is enjoying a shower everyday, shopping when and where you like, socialising with friends, undertaking volunteer work or paid employment. We can help prepare job descriptions for PAs as well as contracts of employment. We can help you with your returns and are always available to answer any queries.

You will be an employer with an employee and if the thought of dealing with the Inland Revenue, taxes and national insurance all seem a bit daunting we can guide you through that from the beginning. The time and effort you will need to put in at the start are well worth it as the price for independence, choice and control over your own life is immeasurable.

If you choose to use an agency we can supply you with a complete list of approved, accredited or private agencies.

Direct Payments