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Mental Health

Colin Le Guillou,
Mental Health Advocacy Worker

Colin joined People’s Voices as a full-time salaried worker in May 2003
having worked for the organisation as a volunteer since 1999.
He has a background in law and a special interest in Public Law issues.

On a day-to-day basis, Colin works with people detained under the
provisions of the Mental Health Act in the Haleacre Unit,
Amersham Hospital and in the Tindal Centre, Aylesbury.
He also works with people detained in the Psychiatric  Intensive Care Unit
at Amersham Hospital and in the Low Secure Unit at Aylesbury.

In spite of the difficult circumstances which lead people to request an advocacy service whilst in hospital, Colin always finds it a privilege and a pleasure to meet and get to know the service users.

Tindal Centre


Entrance to
Tindal Centre